We have years of expertise in developing partnerships, We work incessantly to help our adjacent partners play their part in business monopoly.

Our partnership is build on long-term relationships with NSDC.  At Xeam, We believe that a partnership is about sharing common customer demographic to pursue natural bonding between our brands and building profound alliance across multifarious channels.

This is what emancipate successful partnerships and which is why the topmost brands partner with XEAM.

NSDC catalyses initiatives that can implicitly multiply all the aspects of skill development.

NSDC endeavour to:

  • Develop innovative business models
  • Evoke outstanding private investment
  • Ensure “re-circulating” funds
  • Build leverage for itself
  • Create a firm corpus


NSDC Key Areas:

1. Skill development

Skilling up 160 million by 2021 is a biggest challenge that requires both fundamental education reform within primary, secondary and higher levels of education and significant improvement in skill development. NSDC largely emphasise on supplementary skill development and to create consistent tracks for the education system.

2. Boost up private sector initiatives

NSDC adopted unique approach to strengthen supplementary skill development and support private sector initiatives including both profit and non-profit initiatives of the target along with the objective of building scalable models.

We cover following skill development training sectors to ensure the provision of high quality training and education.

We offer skill development training for the following sectors:

  • IT/ITes
  • Healthcare
  • Beauty & Wellness
  • Logistics

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