IT Infrastructure Services

Insurance Repository Services

IR Service is a Central Government initiative, regulated & controlled by IRDA. We are providing IR service in the interest of citizens of India. Citizens can open an eIA (Electronic Insurance Account) where in all the insurance policies related to a citizen will be stored in a digital form. This account will be accessible through a password like any bank account. So now onwards, citizens need not to be worried about the safe keeping of hard copy of insurance policies. Citizens can opt for a change request pertaining to phone number or address and this one change request will change the details within all the insurance policies registered online. eIA will provide the citizens with a comfortable Insurance management platform.



The philosophy behind BPO is specific, do what you do best and leave everything else to business process outsourcers. Our client’s business is the driving force behind our services. We go to great lengths to understand their business and their culture. We aim to become a seamless extension of our client’s organization.

We take pride in our superior customer service and our experienced qualified staff is trained to meet your needs every step of the way. XEAM’s team of experienced professionals will go the distance to get your running like never before.

Our objective is to develop and deliver dependable, flexible and cost-effective solutions for back office and contact center operations for leading global organizations. Consider XEAM – BPO as your transformation partner. We help your business work cheaper, better, differently — and eliminate non-value-adding tasks. By partnering with us, our clients have not only freed themselves to focus on their core business, they have also gained time and resources to explore the new opportunities thrown up by the flattening world.


Our Contact Centre will facilitate you with:

Outbound voice services


Promoting new services or products

Appointment Setting, Lead generation

Database verification and marketing

Inbound voice services

Technical Support/ Help desk

Product Information Requests

Billing queries

Refund Requests

Sales and order fulfillment

Sales Support (Up selling and Cross-selling)

Customer Retention

Market research and surveys

Data Capturing

Data Analysis


IT infrastructure Management

We manage turnkey projects, and have built, managed and supported our customer’s IT Infrastructure across the value chain — IT Infrastructure Services, applications and business processes. That is because our capabilities span the entire IT spectrum which broadly includes IT architecture; hardware; software (including systems and application software, development or implementation, maintenance, and frameworks); network consulting; and IT Infrastructure Management services.



XEAM is a leading provider of Data Entry, Data Conversion, Data Processing and back office services based in Mohali, India. We provide high quality, time bound and cost effective offshore services for Data Entry & Data Processing all under one roof and in a one-stop basis.

We have 11 years of experience providing the most affordable, flexible and high quality Data Entry services to our esteemed clients. By perfectly combining people competencies with state of the art technology we deliver substantial cost saving and productivity gains for our clients. We provide quick and accurate data entry services for any business that needs data to be extracted from any source and also assist our clients to tackle their Data Processing challenges such as summarizing information into intelligent formats, generating important summary, statistics on data and creating powerfully illustrated tables and thus allows you to increase the rhythm of your business activities in a rapid pace, save time, money and gives you many other competitive advantages.