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XEAM deliver online, computer-aided and paper – pencil tests, innovative and robust web based online exam software with seamless redundancies and quality standards which helps Educational Institutions, Corporate, Government and other leading organizations to conduct online assessments and surveys with ease.

We are a leading online examination system offering an integrated package of software applications for online exams, offline exams, lab based exams, center based exams etc.

Our expertise includes:

  • Access to innovative technologies
  • A network of secure test centers committed resources with domain expertise


Our Robust Examination Solutions:

Web Based Online Exam Software

This software can be accessed using web from any part of the world at any point of time. With this online testing software, the administrator of online examination system has full freedom to create online exam or questions at any point of time.


Computer Based Offline Test

XEAM provides you with a software to conduct exams online and offline. The software is designed for the educational institutes, coaching classes and corporate sectors where large number of students/employees can give test without internet connectivity.


Centre Based Test (CBT)

We provide you the service to establish test centre at on your school/university/corporate campus. The software covers the entire gamut of services ranging from student registration to the publication of the final result. It helps the institutions to simplify the admission process also.


OMR Examination Services

XEAM provides complete OMR sheet processing solutions for educational institutes, government organizations etc of entrance exams, competitive exams & recruitment exams.

We undertake OMR process outsourcing that includes:

  • OMR Result Processing Services, Graphs and Custom Reports
  • OCR Scanning Services
  • ICR Scanning Services
  • OMR Sheet Printing

Facility Management:

XEAM facility management includes:

  • Infrastructure Management
  • Man-Machine Management
  • Technical Support
  • Logistics Management

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Examination Facilities with XEAM:


Internet Delivery

  • Cloud based synchronized online servers
  • Instant results with corporate customization
  • Client specific MIS for tracking and analytics Internet


In-House Servers

  • XEAM Servers can be deployed on in-house networks
  • On-site and remote management


LAN Based Client Server

  • Perfect for temporary environments
  • Setup servers in <20 min. on 100s of PCs
  • Instant results & shortlists on multiple parameters using
    resident tool
  • Tackles power & network outages & viruses


Our Key Features:

We endeavour to provide you the most dependable and flexible examination services.
Cost-effectiveness with Promptness
We provide cost-effective services to ensure comprehensive reporting and analysis.
High Stake Examinations Management
We ensure high quality management of critical examinations with innovative solutions.
Industry Standard support
We always strive to exceed all the industry standards/Guidelines and regulations.
Restrained Exam Management
Our team of experts provide the entire administration support in addition to come up with hassle-free solutions for you.
We have security software to ensure online exam security including the lock down browsers.