Mar 2

Insurance Repository Services


Insurance repository services were launched in India on 16th September’2013.  According to the norms of IRDA these services would provide a facility to keep insurance policies in electronic format to the policy holders. IRDA had licensed five companies to act as repository. These companies could offer insurance repository services are.

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Mar 15

Why You Need To Outsource Your HR Functions


Should You Ever Consider Opting Outsourced HR Functions? We Have Gathered Certain Evidences For You To Understand The Pros & Cons Of Manpower Outsourcing. If we look back there was only hiring, firing and payroll. But now HR has grown more complex with ever-evolving health care program, consolidated omnibus benefits reconciliation.

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Apr 14

Top 7 Human Resources Trends to Watch in 2017


Just a step in to a New Year and the Market goes abuzz on what’s trending upwards this time.   Evolving technology sets 2017 as extensively challenging year for human resources management. Employee interactions will become more dominant for HR professionals at workplace. Employee engagement would be more impactful for.

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